Why Your Business Should Invest in Pay-Per-Click Campaigns?

June 21, 2017

Pay-Per-Click, most commonly known as PPC, is a form of online advertising in which businesses promote their advertisements on search engines and popular websites, whilst being charged for every click on their ads. Considered as an effective lead generation tactic, more and more businesses have started including Pay-Per-Click as an intrinsic part of their marketing strategies.

However, some companies face a dilemma as to whether they should invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or both. Unlike PPC, SEO is time-consuming and takes time to show results. It involves months of effective link-building activities and a regular supply of fresh content to achieve the highest position on search engine results. This makes PPC an extremely convenient advertising tool for businesses looking for immediate results.

If your business has an occasion or event coming up and you want to rank highly on some of the most competitive keywords before that event/occasion arrives, then it would be wiser to start with PPC ads. Relying solely on SEO to get website traffic on those competitive keywords wouldn’t be as effective as it would consume lots of time to organically rank highly on the search engines.

Though PPC provides quick results, it doesn’t make SEO services obsolete. SEO is a long-term investment. With ethical link building strategies, the businesses are sure to benefit from increased website traffic and sales. Businesses already doing SEO should rather consider PPC as an effective support system that can help them with website traffic and leads.

It is not possible to get high rankings for some of the broader and common keywords owing to the severe competition in the market. At such times, businesses can create PPC ads for such competitive keywords to get results. As SEO and PPC both have opposing strengths, they can together provide businesses with incredible benefits.

Whether your business is doing SEO or not, you should definitely consider spending on pay-per-click advertisements. Below are some of the benefits that make investment in PPC services worthwhile:

  • Drive Quality Traffic:
  • With proper keyword research and advertisement placement, your advertisement will be exposed to millions of viewers that are genuinely looking for your product/services. This increases the chances of viewers clicking on the advertisement and getting directed to your business website. As the ad clicks are possibly from genuine customers, the chances of the leads getting converted into sales are also very high.

  • Higher Flexibility and Control:
  • As you can create your own advertisements, businesses can focus on their niche keywords and specific demographic to yield more results. It also enables businesses to define or revise parameters and settings to get the most desired results. Businesses also have an option to run ads for a particular period, according to their requirements.

  • Quick Results:
  • Whilst SEO might take lot of efforts and time to rank highly on significant keywords, PPC advertising can ensure your advertisements are being listed and are visible on search engines and relevant websites quite quickly. If the keywords selected are the right ones, the results in the form of increased web traffic and leads will be visible very quickly.

  • Comparatively Small Investment:
  • In PPC, businesses are not charged for setting up advertisements, only for the advertisements that are clicked on by the consumers. Since the advertisement would be clicked on by the target audience that are actually looking for the product/service, it would be totally beneficial to spend the minuscule amount on the ads, as that one click might get you one new customer.

  • Access to Important Data:
  • As Google moved towards encrypted searches, the keywords used by visitors would not be disclosed to the businesses. However, Google AdWords customers have access to this important keyword data, helping them determine the results of their PPC campaign. It also helps them understand which keywords best resonates with the users query and drive conversions and revenue.

  • Unaffected by Google Algorithm Updates:
  • Businesses might have observed a sudden drop in search engine rankings after Google rolls out any algorithm updates. During such times, your business can rely on the PPC ads as they continue to drive traffic to your website.

    Pay-Per-Click Advertisements prove to be most effective when done correctly. The keywords selected should be carefully researched, the text should be properly written and the ad should be rightly placed in order to increase website traffic, boost visibility and generate leads. If you lack the expertise, time or resources, you should contact reputable SEO companies in the UK, who are proficient in this task to help you with your PPC campaign.

    Corporate Gifts – Means to Promote and Advertise Business

    June 21, 2017

    If you want to promote and advertise your business, giving corporate gifts is an excellent idea to go about. Corporate gifts are traditionally given for several purposes, one of which is to enhance brand visibility of a business that leads to growth of sales. These items items are what business associates usually receives during holidays, trade shows and conferences. Corporate gifts doesn’t need to be extravagant, however should come be in good quality. It is highly advisable to give good quality of gifts to clients, business partners, customers and target audience instead of giving lousy gifts that would cast a negative impression on them.

    Giving corporate gifts is unique way to welcome new clients and attracting new potential ones with a goal of achieving brand recognition and visibility. It is also an innovative way to strengthen a professional relationship, as well as building new ones with business associates. This strategy has been practiced by most business firms since before. These firms annually give out such presents to circle of friends, family members and relatives, business associates and target audience. Usually, each of these gifts has name or logo of the company on that help keeps recipients reminded whenever using or seeing them displayed.

    To make corporate gift-giving successful, you have to select excellent gifts that sure to impress your recipients. Today, there is an endless choices of corporate presents that are available in the market. They come in multitude styles, designs, colors and prices, and categorized according to recipients whom they are meant to be given to. The wide selection includes mugs, coasters, mouse pads, paper weights, pens, leather bags, wallets, t-shirts, journals, clocks, umbrellas, notebooks, picture frames, purses, cosmetic bags, refrigerator magnets and so on.

    You have to make sure that when selecting corporate gifts, keep in mind the image of your company. A choice of gift can make or break you. Also, there are recipients who are in a company that has rules and policies on receiving such kind of present. Most companies restrict their employees to only receive corporate gifts from other business firms within a specific price range, anything beyond that should not be honored. Therefore to avoid conflict, you need to consider those rules – if there’s any. Respect and follow them to make your gift-giving smooth and successful.

    Because of the advent of the Internet, business companies can now find the right corporate gifts to give easily. The Internet is a huge source of so many gift ideas, including corporate gifts for clients, executives, retirees, customers, employees, business partners and target audience. If you want great discounts, shopping online is also a perfect shopping option to go about. With just a few clicks, you can see thousands of websites that offer various types of business presents, which some of them can be personalized with names, logos and other information referring to the brand that needs to be advertised. Other possible corporate gifts that can easily be found and purchased online include desk accessories such as bookends, pen holders, business card holders, desk clocks, paper weights, table organizers, picture frames and so on.